Best Domain Age Checker Tool

Best Domain Age Checker Tool

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to know the age of a domain, and since domain age is now a ranking factor, more and more people are starting to look it up online anyway!

Knowing the domain age is very likely because it’s helpful to know how long a domain has been active online and because domain creation dates are frequently made public. The creation date will remain the same even if the original owner has changed the domain’s host or owner.

Best Domain Age Checker Tool

Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine, also known as Internet Archive, provides a thorough look at how a website appeared in the past and details the date it first appeared. This is possibly one of the most practical tools for checking domain age for free.


You can use Whois Lookup, a free utility tool, to discover the status of any domain name’s registration. It provides you with a thorough listing of the information pertaining to the actual registration date, the current registrar, and any potential information regarding the domain name owner.
To find out every detail about the domain age, go to the Whois Lookup website, type the domain name into the search bar, and click the “lookup button.”


For webmasters to understand the performance of their website, SEMRush provides a complete domain analysis tool, along with a domain overview tool that can also display the actual domain age.

Domain Tools

With its handy Whois checker, DomainTools is a comprehensive domain appraisal service that can quickly reveal information about any domain.

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